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Unit # 146, Jaddaf, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 55 954 4109
Email: [email protected]

Provision Stores- FROZEN

Our Frozen Items: 

Ribbon Fish Whole ,
Cuttle Fish, Prawns
Red Snapper Fillet, 
Cod Fillet, 
Hamour Fillet
Mutton Mince, 
Lamb Chopss,Butter, Unsalted, 
Mix Vegetable Frozen, 
Baklava Leaves 

Samosa, Vegetable, 
Butter, Salted 
Frozen , Ice Cream
French Bread., 
Frozen , Half Baked, 
Chicken Whole, Griller, 
Chicken Sausages / Franks, 
Chicken Breast Boneless, 
Chicken Minced
Pork Leg Bone , 
Pork Spareribs, 
Pork Tenderloin, 
Pork Neck Boneless

Beef Rump, Beef Silverside, 
Beef Brisket 
Beef Shank , 
Beef Spare Ribs, 
Beef Sausage, 
Ice Cream Vanilla,
Ice Cream Mango, 
Ice Cream Chocolate, 
Ice Cream Butter Scotch,
Ice Cream Chocolate, 
Ice Cream Mango, 
Ice Cream Pistachio,
Ice Cream Strawberry
Frozen Oyster,
Tuna Shashimi Fillet