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Engine Store Products

This stock includes the following:

Cuper-heat packing, 
PTFE packing, 
Steam packing, 
Semi metallic packing, 
Universal carbonized fiber packing, 
Steam packing, 
High temperature packing, 
Universal asbestos joint sheets, 
Steam asbestos joint sheets, 
Wire interwoven asbestos joint sheets, 
Compressed asbestos fibre jointing, 
Compressed asbestos fibre jointing, 
Oil resuatand joint sheets, 
Asbestos free gasket joint sheets, 
Natural rubber joint sheets, 
Braker lining, 
Teflon cords, 
Teflon rounds, 
Teflon sheets,
Metal Repair Compounds,
Rubber strings, 
Air filters, 
Copper wool filters, 
Oil seals, 
Mechanical seals and V-belts.ks.