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Unit # 146, Jaddaf, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Electrical Stores -All types of batteries

All types of  Batteries such as: 

Battery chargers,
complete range of marine water tight Plugs +
Marine water tight rotary switches,
Toggle switches,
Push button switches,
Knife switches,
No fuse circuit breakers,

Low voltage converters,
Marine electric alarm buzzers & alarm bells,
Water tight electric horns,
Lamp holders,
Cello light fuses,
Carbon brushes,
Welding cables,
Rubber cab type cables,
P.V.C cab type cables,
Armoured cables,

Copper markers,

Cable glands,
Marine water tight junction boxes,
Antenna cable insulation,
Bakelite rods & sheets,
Electric sleeve tubes,
Clamp meters,
Avo meters,
Digital multimeters,
Insulation testers.