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Unit # 146, Jaddaf, Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 55 954 4109
Email: [email protected]

Deck Stores 81-SERIES

Our range includes:

Graphite packing, 
Ramie packing, 
PTFE Ramie packing, 
PTFE fiber packing, 
Asbestos free Aramid packing, 
Stern gland packing, 
Water packing, 
Tank lid packing, 
Universal asbestos joint sheets, 

Steam asbestos joint sheets, 
Wire interwoven asbestos joint sheets, 
Compressed asbestos Fiber jointing, 
Oil resistant joint sheets, 
Asbestos free gasket joint sheets, 
Cortex joint sheets, 
Natural rubber joint sheets, 
Semi metallic gaskets, 
Flange gaskets, 

Thistle bond products, 
Uni metal, 
Anti corrosive tapes, 
Teflon cords, 
Teflon rounds, 
Teflon sheets, ‘O’ rings, 
Rubber strings, ‘O’ ring splicing rits, 
Copper ‘O’ ring kits, 
LODFAH sponges